30 Apr 2024

Engineer from Rajasthan Set to Marry His Own Robot Creation

Have you ever watched those movies where the protagonist falls in love with a robotic character? Well, what was once confined to the realm of fiction is now poised to become a reality. Surya Prakash, an engineer hailing from Sikar, Rajasthan, has announced his intention to marry a robot he himself built, named Giga.

Engagement took place in March

The engagement between Surya Prakash and his robotic creation took place in March, marking a unique milestone in human-robot relationships. Shedding light on his decision to marry a robot, Surya Prakash explained, "She agrees with everything I say, making her my ideal partner. I've informed my family of my decision to marry her."

Giga can perform household tasks & will converse with mother-in-law

In a fascinating twist, Giga, the robotic bride-to-be, is programmed not only to perform household tasks like fetching water and greeting guests but also to converse with Surya Prakash's mother-in-law in Marwari, showcasing the advanced capabilities of modern robotics.

With a total expenditure of Rs 19 lakh invested in Giga's development, the robot is a collaborative effort between companies based in Tamil Nadu and Noida. Special programming has been implemented to imbue Giga with human-like behavior, further blurring the lines between man and machine.

Surya Prakash says he will  find suitable employment for her

In addition to their domestic life, Surya Prakash envisions himself and Giga working together in both household chores and professional endeavors. He expressed his desire for Giga to be more than just a homemaker, stating his intention to find suitable employment for her. 

Moreover, Surya Prakash revealed his plans to adopt an orphaned child post-marriage, emphasizing his commitment to building a family with his robotic partner by his side.

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