30 Apr 2024

Health: AstraZeneca's Covishield vaccine poses risk of heart attack-brain stroke, company admits side effects in British court

London: British pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca has admitted a big thing before the court. It admitted in court documents that its COVID-19 vaccine may have caused a rare side effect. 

175 crore doses of Covishield made from this formula were administered in India

AstraZeneca admitted in the UK High Court that the Covid-19 vaccine may cause side effects such as Thrombocytopenia Syndrome (TTS). Due to thrombocytopenia syndrome, blood clots start forming in the body or platelets start falling rapidly in the body. 175 crore doses of Covishield made from this formula were administered in India.

Many youngsters have died of sudden heart attack in India

Due to blood clot in the body, the chances of brain stroke or cardiac arrest increase. AstraZeneca vaccine was also administered in India. In India many youngsters have died of sudden heart attack, which have not been fully understood or explained by experts.

Victims have demanded compensation worth crores from AstraZeneca

According to the report of British media Telegraph, many people died due to AstraZeneca vaccine. Many others had to face serious illnesses. Cases are going on against the company in the London High Court. The victims have demanded compensation worth crores from AstraZeneca.

Case against company was filed by a British man

AstraZeneca accepted the allegations of side effects of the vaccine before the UK High Court in February this year. But, the company also presented its arguments in favor of the vaccine. The company sells this vaccine worldwide under the names Covishield and Vaxjaveria. 

A British man named Jamie Scott has filed a case against AstraZeneca. Scott's claim is that he is suffering from the problem of thrombocytopenia syndrome due to the company's corona vaccine. He had become a victim of brain damage.

TTS can occur even in case of not getting the corona vaccine: Company

AstraZeneca has said in the legal document filed before the court that the corona vaccine developed in collaboration with the University of Oxford may cause side effects. These side effects may include thrombocytopenia syndrome. But these are very rare. AstraZeneca told the court that it is also important to know that thrombocytopenia syndrome can occur even in case of not getting the corona vaccine. 

In such a situation, to say that people are struggling with this syndrome after getting the vaccine is not correct. The company said that patient safety is our top priority. Our medicines have met appropriate standards and we have ensured the safe use of all medicines, including vaccines.

AstraZeneca vaccine is not being used in Britain

The special thing is that this vaccine is no longer being used in Britain. According to the Telegraph report, scientists had realized the danger of this vaccine a few months after its launch in the market. After this, it was suggested that people below 40 years of age should also be given a dose of some other vaccine. This is because the harm caused by AstraZeneca vaccine was greater than the danger of Corona.

According to the Medicines Healthcare Products Regulatory (MHRA), there are 81 cases in Britain in which it is suspected that people died due to blood clots caused by the vaccine. According to the MHRA, one in every five people who suffered side effects has died.

According to the report, according to data obtained through Freedom of Information, 163 people in Britain were compensated by the government in February. Of these, 158 were those who had received the AstraZeneca vaccine.

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