19 Apr 2024

Iran-Israel War: Israel Strikes Iran with Missiles, Says US; Iran Activates Air Defense System, Says It Shot Down Several Drones

According to two U.S. officials, Israel has launched missile strikes and drone attacks against Iran, as reported by American officials to CBS News.

Iran's government media announced the activation of the country's air defense system across multiple provinces.

Quoting reliable sources, Iran's state media, IRIB, stated that explosions heard in various regions were the result of the air defense system targeting unidentified miniature drones.

In response to reported missile and drone strikes by Israel, Iran activated its air defense system this morning. ABC News, citing a U.S. official, reported that Israel targeted an Iranian airport with missiles, with local media reporting a loud explosion in Isfahan.

Reports from U.S. media indicated that Israel launched this strike in retaliation for an earlier attack by Iran over the weekend.

Explosions were reported near Isfahan

State media in Iran reported the activation of the air defense system in multiple cities after explosions were reported near Isfahan, where several Iranian nuclear sites, including Natanz, are situated.

Despite initial media reports of missile launches, Iran clarified that it had only shot down several drones and had not faced any missile attacks as of now, as stated by Iran's space agency spokesman, Hossein Dalirian.

Israel's military refrained from commenting on the reported blasts in Iran when approached by AFP.

Tehran Airport suspended all flights

Tehran's Imam Khomeini International Airport suspended all flights, according to a notice issued by the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration.

Several flights from Emirates and Flydubai altered their routes to avoid Iranian airspace following the reported incidents.

Israel had previously warned of retaliation after Iran launched hundreds of missiles and drones at Israel over the weekend, most of which were intercepted.

These recent events follow an attack on Iran's consulate in Damascus, widely attributed to Israel.

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