12 Apr 2024

Jabalpur Lok Sabha Election 2024: Spouses Take Center Stage in Campaign Trail, Unveiling Key Concerns

In the heat of the Lok Sabha elections -2024, Jabalpur emerges as a pivotal battleground, witnessing an intriguing dynamic as the spouses of Congress and BJP candidates spearhead their respective campaigns. With BJP's Ashish Dubey and Congress' Dinesh Yadav vying for victory, their wives have stepped into the spotlight as star campaigners, igniting a fervent electoral showdown.

The electoral fray intensifies as both BJP and Congress deploy their star campaigners, rallying support through roadshows and public gatherings. Yet, amidst the clamor, the timeless practice of door-to-door canvassing remains pivotal in engaging voters and garnering their favor.

In Jabalpur, the relentless campaign efforts of Ashish Dubey and Dinesh Yadav, bolstered by their dedicated supporters, extend beyond the candidates themselves. It's a family affair, with wives assuming prominent roles in the electoral landscape, adapting to newfound responsibilities and actively participating in the political discourse.

Jyoti communicates with voters like a seasoned leader

Jyoti Yadav, wife of Congress contender Dinesh Yadav, alongside her daughter Priyanka, immerses themselves in grassroots campaigning, traversing settlements and rallying women workers to champion Dinesh's cause. 

During public relations, Jyoti also communicates with the voters like a seasoned leader. Congress is promising to give Rs 1 lakh annually if the government is formed. During this time, allegations like unemployment, inflation and corruption are also being leveled against the BJP government among the public.

Shraddha Dubey is going door-to-door

For Bharatiya Janata Party candidate Ashish Dubey, his wife Shraddha Dubey, along with party workers and her friends, is talking about strengthening Modi ji's hand and contacting women voters by going door-to-door. She is asking women to vote for Bharatiya Janata Party candidate Ashish Dubey by talking about many issues like Ram Mandir, Article 370 etc. 

The impact of these familial forays into the political realm remains to be seen, awaiting the verdict of the electorate. As the electoral saga unfolds, the influence of these spouses-turned-campaigners will be revealed, underscoring the ever-evolving dynamics of electoral politics in Jabalpur.

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