12 Apr 2024

Lok Sabha elections 2024: PM Modi tells during campaign why he went on pilgrimage during Anushthan of Ram Lalla

During the ongoing Lok Sabha elections 2024, Prime Minister Narendra Modi emphasized that the name of Lord Shri Ram resonates deeply within the collective consciousness of India. He highlighted how the life of Lord Shri Ram has profoundly influenced the ethos and values of Indian civilization. Additionally, Prime Minister Modi openly addressed India's relations with China and Pakistan.

Expressing his views on the inauguration of Ram Temple, PM Modi emphasized the profound influence of Lord Ram's life on our civilization's ethos and values. He underscored how Lord Ram's name reverberates across every nook and corner of the nation. 

Reflecting on his own spiritual journey, PM Modi shared his experiences of visiting the sacred sites associated with Lord Ram during an 11-day special ritual. These travels took him to various corners of the country, where he witnessed firsthand the deep reverence for Shri Ram ingrained within the hearts of people.

PM Modi hailed the Ram Temple as the culmination of centuries of unwavering dedication and sacrifices. He described the return of Lord Shri Ram to his birthplace as a historic moment of national unity. 

Modi reiterated that participating in the ceremony symbolized representing the aspirations of 1.4 billion citizens. For centuries, the people of the nation have patiently awaited the return of Ram Lalla, and the completion of the temple marks a significant milestone in fulfilling this collective longing.

‘Border situation must be resolved’

Peaceful relations are important for the whole world. PM Modi said that peaceful relations between India and China are important for the entire world. He also said that the border situation should be resolved. PM Modi said he believes that we need to urgently address the long-standing situation on our borders. So that our bilateral talks can be normalized. Stable and peaceful relations between India and China are important not only for our two countries but for the world.

Refrained from speaking on Imran's arrest

On Pakistan, PM Modi said that he has congratulated the new Prime Minister of Pakistan on assuming office. The PM said India has always advocated for pursuing peace, security and prosperity in the region in an environment free from terror and violence. However, he refrained from commenting on the arrest of former Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan.

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