21 Apr 2024

Karnataka: What Siddaramaiah Said In Response To PM Modi's Charge of Cong Transforming Bengaluru into "Tanker City"

Bengaluru: Following weeks of a severe water crisis in Bengaluru, Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched a blistering attack on the ruling Congress in Karnataka, asserting that the party has turned the "tech city into a tanker city". In response, Chief Minister Siddaramaiah asked where the PM was during Karnataka's times of floods and droughts.

The 28 Lok Sabha seats in Karnataka are set for polling in two phases, scheduled on April 26 and May 7, with voting for all Bengaluru seats scheduled for April 26.

During a recent rally in the city ahead of the polls, the Prime Minister expressed his vision for propelling the nation forward while criticizing the Congress as "anti-investment, anti-entrepreneurship, anti-private sector, anti-taxpayer, anti-wealth creator".

"Modi pledges to establish India as a hub for green energy, pharma, electronics, electric vehicles, semiconductors, and global innovation. However, the Congress and its allies vow to oust Modi," he asserted.

"While Modi promises advancements like 6G and AI, the opposition pledges to remove him. The BJP and Janata Dal-Secular alliance are committed to realizing the aspirations of Karnataka's people," PM affirmed.

Asserting his dedication to the nation's development, he vowed, "Your dreams are my commitment. I pledge 24X7 for 2047 to steer India towards prosperity."

He criticized the Congress for neglecting Bengaluru's issues, stating, "Congress has converted the tech city into a tanker city. The focus is on corruption, not on Bengaluru's problems. Only central government projects are progressing."

Highlighting concerns over security and governance, he urged vigilance against the Congress, citing recent incidents of violence and unrest.

The remarks follow the tragic murder of a 21-year-old daughter of a Congress leader in Hubbali, alongside an explosion at Bengaluru's Rameshwaram Cafe and the reported assault of three youths, supposedly for chanting "Jai Shri Ram".

PM was absent during Karnataka's crises: Siddaramaiah

In a swift rejoinder, Chief Minister Siddaramaiah retorted on X, "Promises of round-the-clock dedication ring hollow when the Prime Minister was absent during Karnataka's crises. Is '24x7' just PR?"

Siddaramaiah also countered the Prime Minister's assertions in Chikkaballapur, disputing claims of Congress neglecting farmers. 

PM Modi claimed, "We initiated the PM Kisan Samman Nidhi scheme, providing ₹6,000 to farmers. However, after the Congress came to power, it ceased the additional ₹4,000 benefit," .

In response, Siddaramaiah questioned the Prime Minister's sincerity towards farmers, citing the plight of those who perished during the farmers' protests and criticizing the government's policies on MSP and GST.

The CM said that the Prime Minister ought to introspect on whether he genuinely advocates for farmers' welfare. Pointing to the tragic toll of the 2020-21 farmers' movement at the Delhi borders, he said 700 farmers lost their lives during the protests. He cast doubt on the Prime Minister's moral authority to speak on behalf of farmers.

He lamented that the Central government remains obstinate in addressing the farmers' demand for legislation ensuring Minimum Support Price, while burdening them with GST on essential inputs like seeds and fertilizers.

Labeling the BJP as inherently opposed to farmers' interests, he asserted, "It is a party of capitalists and industrialists. The anti-farmer sentiment runs deep in its veins." He challenged the Narendra Modi administration to enumerate the benefits it has bestowed upon Karnataka's farmers during its decade-long tenure.

Labeling the BJP as inherently anti-farmer, he pledged the electorate's resolve to discern their true benefactors in the upcoming elections.

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