7 Apr 2024

Lok Sabha Election-2024: Congress Taps Upper Caste Candidate After Two Decades in Gwalior; BJP Puts Faith in OBC Nominee for First Time

Lok Sabha Election-2024: After much anticipation, the Congress Party has finally unveiled its candidate for the Gwalior Lok Sabha seat, marking a significant shift in caste-based strategies for both major parties. In an unprecedented move, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) had nominated Bharat Singh Kushwaha, an OBC candidate, while the Congress has opted for an upper caste contender after a hiatus of twenty years.

The announcement of Praveen Pathak as the Congress candidate has ignited a fervent response, with Pathak swiftly launching an offensive against the BJP. He said the people were getting disillusioned with the BJP due to its unfulfilled promises. He made an appeal for a change in leadership.

Pathak's nomination sparked jubilation among his supporters, who gathered at his residence on AB Road to extend their felicitations. Amidst the festive atmosphere, supporters adorned him with garlands, distributed sweets, and celebrated with drum beats and dance.

Expressing his gratitude for the party's trust in him, Pathak humbly acknowledged the support of party leaders and the unwavering backing of Gwalior's residents and his own family members.

In response to BJP's assertions of wiping out Congress even at the grassroots and booth level, Pathak launched a scathing attack, accusing the BJP of failing to deliver on its promises. He pointed to the BJP's unfulfilled pledges of job creation and depositing Rs. 15 lakh into citizens' accounts. The Congress candidate asserted that the BJP never delivered on its assurances. How it would fulfill the claims it is making about eliminating Congress at booth level, Pathak asked.

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