7 Apr 2024

MP: Discontent Brews Over Morena Congress Candidate Selection, Ramniwas Rawat Said This


In the wake of the announcement of candidates for the Lok Sabha seats in Morena, Gwalior, and Khandwa in Madhya Pradesh, discontent surfaced among Congress leaders, particularly regarding the selection of the Morena-Sheopur candidate. 

Former Congress working president and Vijaypur MLA, Ramnivas Rawat, openly expressed dissatisfaction with the nomination of Satyapal Singh Sikarwar for the Morena-Sheopur Lok Sabha seat. 

Big leaders of Congress impose their orders

Former BJP MLA Satyapal Sikarwar alias Neetu, who left BJP and joined Congress, has been made the Congress candidate from Morena Lok Sabha. Senior party MLA Ramniwas Rawat expressed his displeasure regarding this. He also attacked the big leaders of the Congress party including the Congress. He said that big leaders of Congress impose their orders from above on the workers below.

Rawat's discontent further extended to the perceived exploitation of party workers by higher-ups, suggesting a systemic issue within the Congress. He warned that unless this trend is addressed, the party's strength would dwindle. 

Expressing his displeasure, Ramnivas said that the big leaders of Congress have considered party workers only as objects for their use. If this continues, Congress will hardly ever become strong. Along with this, Congress MLA Ramniwas Rawat also asked PCC Chief Jitu Patwari to relieve him of the responsibility of in-charge of Morena Lok Sabha seat.

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