4 Apr 2024

Madhya Pradesh: 112 PM Shri schools to have Atal Tinkering Lab

Madhya Pradesh Directorate of Public Instruction (DPI) has sanctioned an amount of Rs 29 lakh for Atal Lab in 112 PM Shri schools in the first phase. In this, a school will get Rs 25 to 50 thousand. Atal Tinkering Lab aims to promote innovation, creativity and scientific aspects among students through activity based learning. Creativity of art and craft will also be taught here. In the lab, students will be able to come face to face with new technologies of 3D printing, Artificial Intelligence and robotics.

Dr. Hemant Sharma, PM Shri in-charge, DPI, said that the amount has been sanctioned, in the first phase Atal Tinkering Lab is being opened in 112 PM Shri schools.

In the modern education system, Atal Tinkering Lab refers to space where the children can experiment with, learn, develop and conceptualize different scientific ideas. Atal Tinkering Lab facilitates projects similar to DIY projects where the students are stimulated to apply the knowledge they have gained in the classroom. It not only helps the students to learn the real-life application and importance of the theories learned from their books but will also develop a natural kinship towards STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics). 

If the students are offered the ideal ambiance and tools for practically experiencing the theories they learned in the classroom, they would also be encouraged to dig deeper and innovate something new. If we take a look at most of the scientific or engineering innovations, we would find that innovation happens when a few different theories are offered a blended together in a meaningful, focused way.

It is what exactly happens in an Atal Tinkering Lab where the students can practically experiment with the knowledge, try to restructure the theories learned in the classroom and see the transformed results.

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