3 Apr 2024

South Actress Arundhathi Nair Still Critical, in ICU

South Actress Arundhati Nair, who is being treated for serious injuries in a road accident, is still in critical condition. Arundhati is currently on a ventilator in a private hospital in Thiruvananthapuram. It is said that almost two lakh rupees are being spent daily on her treatment and the family has already spent 40 lakhs on Arundhati. 

Arundhati Nair met with an accident on 14 March 2024. She was travelling on a bike with her brother on Kovalam bypass road. She was on her way back after giving an interview to a YouTube channel. She is critically injured and fighting for her life and kept on a ventilator at the Ananthapuri Hospital in Thiruvananthapuram. Her brother sustained only minor injuries in the mishap.

Family asked for help 

The family came forward asking for help at a time of financial hardship. Arundhati suffered serious injuries to her head and spine. As there was no change in her health condition due to blood clot in the brain, the actress was shifted to ventilator. 

Arundhati's sister Aarti said the doctors said surgery would also be required for the broken ribs. Many people, including Malayalam actress Gopika Anil, have taken to social media to plead for help for Arundhati's treatment. 

No one from the Tamil film industry helped her: Ramya 

Arundhati's friend and actress Ramya Joseph said that even after the news of Arundhati being in the hospital and needing money for treatment spread on social media, no one from the Tamil film industry has extended a helping hand to her. 

Ramya said, “Arundhati has played the title role in five films in Tamil. Still, no one from the Tamil film industry contacted.” Ramya said that Arundhati was born and brought up in Thiruvananthapuram, but she has acted in only one Malayalam film so far and yet the Malayalam film industry came forward for her help.

Arundhati's sister Aarti Nair is also in the film industry. Arundhati Nair is known for her work in Tamil and Malayalam films. Arundhati starred in Ponge Ezhu Manohara in 2014 and Virumandikum Sivanandikum in 2016 before gaining recognition for her role as Vijay Antony's wife in Saithan (2016). She debuted in Malayalam with Ottakoru Kaamukan in 2018. 

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