28 Apr 2024

MP Lok Sabha Election-2024: How Amit Shah Diverted Focus From BJP Candidate Rodmal Nagar And Shifted Campaign in Rajgarh to Digvijaya Singh versus Shah?

Congress has fielded former CM Digvijaya Singh from Rajgarh Lok Sabha seat. Initially Digvijaya Singh was not ready to contest elections from Rajgarh. He came to Rajgarh with a feeling of reluctance and even expressed this in public. 

After such statements of Digvijaya Singh, BJP felt that it would be easy to win the elections here but as soon as Digvijaya Singh started his campaign in Rajgarh Lok Sabha constituency, the ground of Rajgarh was ready for a close contest. People's resentment towards current BJP MP Rodmal Nagar added fuel to the fire.

This is the reason why during the public meeting of CM Mohan Yadav, current BJP MP Rodmal Nagar was seen apologizing to the people from the stage itself. The report of such situation on the ground reached directly to the BJP high command and it was decided that Amit Shah himself would handle the election front in Rajgarh, after which Amit Shah held a big public meeting in Rajgarh. Shah urged people to vote for BJP.

Shah used a famous Urdu couplet 

Urging voters to bid a 'permanent' electoral farewell to Congress leader Digvijaya Singh, Amit Shah used a famous Urdu couplet of Fidvi Lahori and appealed to people in Madhya Pradesh's Rajgarh to defeat him by a record margin. He called upon voters to give a huge victory to the BJP candidate Rodmal Nagar.

Shah said that it is the janaja (funeral) of an Aashiq who is a big man. Zanaza should be taken out with pomp and show. Give him (Digvijaya) a farewell by defeating him with a huge margin.

After this statement of Amit Shah, Digvijaya Singh also wrote tweet after tweet calling him a liar. BJP also wanted that the focus of the entire election should shift from Rodmal Nagar to Digvijaya Singh versus Amit Shah. That’s what happened. 

Now BJP is also seen giving competition to Digvijay Singh on the ground of Rajgarh, while Digvijaya Singh has also tried his best to attract the public by playing the emotional card of the last election in his home constituency. Now it has to be seen whose 'zanaza' funeral the people of Rajgarh will vote for on 7th May to be taken out.

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