30 Apr 2024

MP Lok Sabha Elections-2024: Will Jitu Patwari Join BJP? What Minister Govind Singh Rajput Said?

During the Lok Sabha Elections-2024 in Madhya Pradesh, many prominent leaders have left the Congress and joined the BJP. The way Congress candidate Akshay Kanti Bam withdrew his nomination from the Indore Lok Sabha constituency and joined the BJP has surprised everyone. Now, there are speculation that PCC Chief Jitu Patwari may also join the BJP. In fact, Cabinet Minister Govind Singh Rajput has made a statement regarding Jeetu Patwari joining the BJP.

Cabinet Minister Govind Singh Rajput, targeting Jitu Patwari, said, "I believe that even before May 7, Congress state president Jitu Patwari may join the BJP."

After such a statement by the minister, there has been a buzz in political circles.

Govind Singh Rajput said, "For the first time in political life, we have seen Lok Sabha candidates withdrawing their names and BJP candidates getting elected unopposed. Akshay Kanti Bam is a staunch supporter of Jitu Patwari. Congress people objected to giving him a ticket, yet they gave it without listening to the objections raised by their own people. If Bam has switched sides after taking money then Jitu Patwari's consent must also be there."

Govind Singh Rajput, sarcastically referring to the PCC Chief, further said, "I believe that in the entire country lakhs of people are leaving Congress and joining BJP. If this trend continues, then the day is not far when Jitu will also join BJP and this could happen before 7th May."

Earlier, there were speculations that veteran leader Kamal Nath could join BJP but finally he did not leave Congress.

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