9 Apr 2024

MP: Why Vikrant Bhuria quit as MP Youth Congress President and who has replaced him?

MP Lok Sabha Election 2024:The Congress has announced the appointment of Mitendra Singh as the new President of the Madhya Pradesh Youth Congress Committee. The notification has been issued by the AICC.

Mitendra Singh takes over from Dr. Vikrant Bhuria, the Jhabua MLA and son of Congress stalwart and former Union Minister, Kantilal Bhuria. Dr. Vikrant Bhuria led the MP Congress Youth wing for the past three years and was elected MLA from Jhabua Assembly constituency in November last year.

The reshuffle within the party's youth wing in Madhya Pradesh comes just two weeks before the commencement of the Lok Sabha elections on April 19.

The AICC notification stated, "I am pleased to appoint you as President of the Madhya Pradesh Youth Congress Committee with immediate effect. The Indian Youth Congress is confident that you will dedicate your full time and energy to further strengthen the organization and the Congress party under the leadership of Mallikarjun Kharge and Rahul Gandhi."

This announcement follows Vikrant Bhuria's letter to Mallikarjun Kharge, expressing his inability to devote sufficient time to the position due to his involvement in his father's Lok Sabha election campaign in Ratlam.

Mitendra Singh, a law graduate from Gwalior, has previously served as the National Secretary of the Youth Congress.

After the Congress's significant loss to the BJP in the November Assembly elections, the party has initiated the reorganization of its various wings in Madhya Pradesh.

Bhuria stunned the party by announcing to step down

Earlier, Vikrant Bhuria, the Youth Congress President and a prominent tribal youth leader, stunned the party by announcing his intention to step down from his position.

In a lengthy statement, Vikrant Bhuria reflected, "Over the past few days, I have been grappling with the reality that my father's candidacy in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections has hindered my ability to dedicate time to the Madhya Pradesh Youth Congress Organization. In such circumstances, I personally feel it would be unjust to both the organization and its members."

Continuing in his missive, Bhuria highlighted, "The nation is currently engaged in a movement to safeguard democracy, with our national president, Mallikarjun Kharge, and our leader, Rahul Gandhi, vigorously touring and convening meetings across the country. At this crucial juncture, securing every Lok Sabha seat holds paramount importance for the democratic fabric of our nation, transcending individual party interests. Given that my father, Kantilal Bhuria, is the Congress candidate for the Ratlam-Jhabua Lok Sabha seat, it necessitates my full-time commitment to this constituency."

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