11 Apr 2024

MP: Will Kamal Nath Be Able To Overcome Challenges in Chhindwara During Lok Sabha Elections- 2024

Chhindwara, the sole parliamentary constituency in Madhya Pradesh where the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has clinched victory only once, presents a formidable challenge for Kamal Nath in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections-2024.

Historically, this seat has predominantly been held by the Congress, with Kamal Nath's family maintaining a stronghold for over 40 years. However, recent dynamics suggest a shift in the political landscape.

Chhindwara is the only parliamentary seat in Madhya Pradesh on which the Bharatiya Janata Party has been able to win only once. Even during the nationwide anti-Indira Gandhi wave in 1977, Congress secured this seat.

The current electoral scenario is marked by Kamal Nath's vigorous campaign for his son, Nakul Nath, a first-time candidate. However, the BJP has intensified its efforts, rallying behind its candidates and strategically absorbing Congress leaders into its fold.

Defections a blow to Nath's influence

Significantly, the defection of prominent Congress figures to the BJP, including three-time MLA Kamlesh Shah, signals a mounting challenge for Kamal Nath. These defections are perceived as a blow to Nath's influence in Chhindwara.

Deepak Saxena, a three-time MLA, was considered to be Kamal Nath's most trusted confidant and had given up his seat for Kamal Nath in the 2019 assembly by-elections.

But the departure of sitting Amarwada MLA Kamlesh Shah and Chhindwara Mayor Vikram Ahake from Congress is being seen as a big blow for Kamal Nath in political circles.

Many political observers believe Kamal Nath himself is responsible for this situation because he did not take action in time.

BJP candidate Vivek Bunty Sahu had also contested against Kamal Nath in the assembly elections and lost. But this time BJP has fielded many veteran leaders for its campaign.

Nath's credibility has taken a hit 

This time the challenge for Kamal Nath is not only because many leaders close to him have joined BJP.

The challenge is also because there was speculation about him and his son joining BJP and Nath did not come forward and refute it immediately.

That's why Kamal Nath's credibility has taken a hit because the people of his Lok Sabha constituency have started feeling that he had tried to join BJP. This definitely affected Kamal Nath's image.

Gunjan Shukla is a senior Congress leader in Chhindwara and is considered close to Kamal Nath. Gunjan Shukla says, "This was a trick of the BJP. They had also spread this rumor. When the BJP could not defeat Kamal Nath and his son on the Chhindwara seat for many decades despite using all the tactics, then it spread rumors to create misunderstandings."

But despite reassurances from close aides and supporters, such as Gunjan Shukla, attributing the rumors to BJP's political maneuvering, the impact on Kamal Nath's electoral prospects remains palpable.

As the electoral battle heats up, the outcome in Chhindwara holds immense significance, reflecting the shifting dynamics and challenges faced by Kamal Nath and the Congress party in Madhya Pradesh.

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