17 Apr 2024

Priyanka Gandhi Questions BJP's Intentions on Constitution Amendment and Reservation

During an election rally in Saharanpur, Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi posed a critical query regarding the BJP's stance on potential changes to the Constitution.

Priyanka Gandhi said, "BJP says that no one should be afraid, why are they saying this?"

Expressing concern, Priyanka Gandhi remarked, "Why are BJP leaders discussing altering the Constitution? What implications would such changes have on reservation policies?" 

She emphasized the importance of safeguarding existing rights, including the right to vote, amidst any constitutional amendments.

Asserting the need for a discourse focused on public concerns, Priyanka Gandhi highlighted the absence of dialogue on pressing issues like inflation and unemployment. She suggested that there's a deliberate attempt to divert attention from these pertinent matters.

Priyanka Gandhi's remarks came during her campaign visit to Saharanpur, Uttar Pradesh, in support of Congress candidate Imran Masood. The Congress leader's statements follow Prime Minister Modi's reassurance, given in an interview with news agency ANI, that there is no need for fear in the country.

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