27 Apr 2024

Rajasthan: Usman Ghani, expelled from BJP after giving statement about PM Modi, arrested; what he had said after expulsion

Bharatiya Janata Party's former Bikaner Minority Morcha District President Usman Ghani was arrested by the police on Saturday morning.

Bikaner's Mukta Prasad police station in-charge Dhirendra Singh said, "Two days ago, a police vehicle had gone near his house, when he was in Delhi. On Saturday, he came to the police station and got into a tussle with the policemen who were barricading. After this Usman Ghani was booked under CrPC. He has been arrested under section 151 (breach of peace)."

However, the station in-charge did not tell why the police vehicle had gone near Usman's house two days ago.

Usman Ghani was the Bikaner District Minority Morcha President from BJP. He had raised questions on Narendra Modi in a conversation with a TV channel in Delhi three days ago.

After Usman Ghani's statement was broadcast, BJP issued a letter expelling him from the party.

While talking to a TV channel, Usman Ghani had said, "We are losing three-four seats."

Regarding Prime Minister Narendra Modi's statement about Muslims in Banswara, Usman had said, "I did not like his statement. This is not Narendra Modi's party alone, hundreds of Muslims are associated with the Bharatiya Janata Party."

Usman Ghani had further said in a conversation with the channel, "I am also going to write a mail to him (Narendra Modi) that it would be better if he does not talk such nonsense."

After being expelled from the party, Usman Ghani wrote a post in Hindi on social media, "Do not compromise on your principles but fight to protect them, if you are alive then it is necessary to appear alive."

He further wrote, "I do not regret getting expelled from a party that expelled me for 6 years for my statement without notice, without listening to my side."

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