15 Apr 2024

Why Kerala should be governed from Nagpur, Rahul Gandhi asks at Wayanad rally; meets students, plantation workers (see in pics)

Wayanad: AICC leader and Incumbent MP of Wayanad Lok Sabha constituency Rahul Gandhi has started his two-day election campaign by holding rallies and public meetings from Sulthan Bathery, Mananthavady, Vellamunda, and Pulpally and also visiting the Bishop of Mananthavady diocese during the election campaign on the first day, Monday.

Rahul Gandhi alleged that both the BJP and the RSS want to get rid of the Constitution and democratic processes so that they can control the nation and crush all other thoughts.

Addressing a gathering during the election campaign here, he asked why Kerala should be governed from Nagpur and said Kerala should be governed from its towns and villages. How does Delhi know what a school in Kerala should be like and how does Delhi know what the people of the state want, he asked.

Rahul Gandhi arrived at Nilgiris Arts and Science College grounds by helicopter from Mysore around 10 am and proceeded to Sulthan Bathery by road and held a rally there. A large number of people thronged on the sides of the road to glimpse him. Rahul started the election campaign at Thaloor and met the plantation workers and college students of Niligirls College.

While addressing a rally at Sulthan Bathery, Rahul Gandhi said that the battle between RSS and Congress ideologies is going on in the country. He said the BJP’s political theme of one nation, one people, and one language is not applicable in the country. He said the ruling BJP is imposing the idea of "one leader in the country" and added that it was an "insult" to the people of the nation. 

Rahul said, "India is like a bouquet of flowers, and each flower has to be respected as they promote the beauty of the entire bouquet." He said a language is not something that is imposed from the top but something that comes from the heart of the people.

Rahul Gamdhi said telling Malayalees that Malayalam is inferior to Hindi is tantamount to insulting Malayalees and Malayalam. He said: Wayanad is my family, and you are members of my family. A brother and sister in a family may have different politics. That doesn't mean they don't have love or respect for each other. Politics starts with respecting other human beings, Rahul Gandhi said.

Rahul also assured that all the issues facing the Wayanad people, like human-animal conflicts, the night traffic ban, the delay in the Nilambur-Nanjangud railway project, and the lack of medical infrastructure facilities in the district, would be resolved.

Rahul Gandhi visited the bishop's house at Mananthavady diocese around 2 pm, and he attended a United Democratic Front (UDF) rally at Kozhikode Beach in the evening.

Tomorrow on Tuesday, he will hold rallies and meetings at Thiruvambadi in Kozhikode district and later at Ernad, Wandoor, and Nilambur assembly constituencies in Malappuram district.

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