29 Apr 2024

World Central Kitchen to resume supplying food in Gaza, what its CEO Erin Gore said?

 Aid Organization World Central Kitchen (WCK) is resuming supplying food in Gaza. 

About a month ago, seven employees of World Central Kitchen were killed in Israeli bombing.

After this incident, the World Central Kitchen had stopped the work of providing aid in Gaza.

WCK CEO Erin Gore said: We continue to grieve and mourn the loss of seven of our friends and colleagues who were killed in an IDF attack in Gaza on April 1. We have spent the past few weeks honoring the lives of Saif, Zomi, Damian, Jacob, James, John, and Jim.

Humanitarian situation in Gaza remains dire

He said the humanitarian situation in Gaza remains dire. We are restarting our operation with the same energy, dignity, and focus on feeding as many people as possible. To date we have distributed more than 43 million meals and we are eager to deliver millions more. Food is a universal right and our work in Gaza has been the most life-saving mission in our 14-year organizational history.

Erin Gore said we decided that we must keep feeding, continuing our mission of showing up to provide food to people during the toughest of times. We will continue to get as much food into Gaza, including northern Gaza, as possible—by land, air, or sea. We have 276 trucks, with the equivalent of almost 8 million meals, ready to enter through the Rafah Crossing. 

WCK has built a strong team of Palestinians to carry the torch forward

WCK has built a strong team of Palestinians to carry the torch forward. Our model has always been to work hand in hand with the community: Puerto Ricans feeding Puerto Ricans; Moroccans feeding Moroccans; Ukrainians feeding Ukrainians; and now, Palestinians feeding Palestinians. 

People feeding People, everywhere

WCK is an organization of People feeding People, everywhere. The local team has been consulted and they are ready to feed millions more and do so in a way that honors the spirit and lives of our seven angels.

Our demand for an impartial and international investigation remains

The Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) have apologized for the attack, calling it a “grave mistake” and says they have changed their rules of operation. While we have no concrete assurances, we continue to seek answers and advocate for change with the goal of better protecting WCK and all NGO workers serving selflessly in the worst humanitarian conditions. Our demand for an impartial and international investigation remains. 

“Wherever there's a fight so that hungry people may eat, we will be there,” added Gore.

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