10 May 2024

Bhopal: Two tiger cubs brought to Van Vihar, will remain under care for 21 days


Bhopal: Two tiger cubs found during Ratapani Sanctuary rescue were brought to Bhopal's Van Vihar on Thursday. The tigress had died eight days ago. After this both the cubs got separated. They were rescued by Forest Division Raisen. Now they will be kept quarantined in Van Vihar for 21 days. 

When they become capable of hunting, they will be released into the forest. DFO Obedullaganj Hemant Rakwar told that a tigress was roaming with her three cubs in Ratapani Sanctuary. During this time a conflict started with a tiger. Both the tiger and the tigress died. A cub had also died along with them.

Leopards and other animals were a threat for cubs

The two surviving cubs were roaming in the forest. There were leopards and other ferocious animals where the two cubs were roaming. These predatory animals could have attacked the cubs. In view of this, the forest department officials became alert and the entire staff started rescuing these two cubs.

17 cameras installed

The Forest Department team was trying to rescue the cubs since May 1, but the cubs could not be caught. In such a situation, the forest department installed 17 cameras in the forest to catch them. After this both the cubs were captured on camera eating the leftover meat of the goat hunted by the leopard.

Hemant Rakwar, DFO Obedullaganj, said that there was difficulty in rescuing both the cubs. These were on a steep hill. For eight whole days, 80 to 100 employees kept trying to catch them. 

Sunil Sinha, Director Van Vihar said that two cubs have been brought to Van Vihar, where their health is being monitored. Now quarantine will be kept for 21 days. When they become old enough to hunt, they will be released into the forest.

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