31 May 2024

Common people to connect with Namami Gange campaign in Madhya Pradesh, CM Mohan Yadav gives instructions

The Namami Gange campaign to conserve Madhya Pradesh's water bodies is set to commence from June 5. CM Mohan Yadav has emphasized the importance of involving the common people in the campaign. Furthermore, he engaged with senior officials to discuss state-wide rejuvenation of water sources and conservation initiatives and provided essential directives. CM chaired a meeting of senior officials and gave necessary instructions.

CM Dr. Yadav discussed in detail about the water conservation campaign starting from Environment Day on 5th June. A water conference will be organized and a campaign to remove encroachments from water structures would be launched. Works would be done to make water sources useful.

48 projects for lake and pond conservation approved

It was informed in the meeting that on the basis of the GIS survey, necessary survey work has been done in the urban bodies of the state. 48 projects for lake and pond conservation are approved in the state. The conservation works of Talawali Chanda pond in Indore, lake conservation in Khurai and reservoir in Ashok Nagar have been widely appreciated. 

At other places in the state too, work on conservation of water bodies is being carried out continuously by the urban bodies. Necessary instructions have been sent to all the districts regarding the Namami Gange campaign. Activities will also be conducted through public awareness campaigns.

The CM said attention should be directed towards maintaining the cleanliness of water sources near Shanighat in Ujjain, small ponds in Bhopal, Lalbagh in Indore, and similar locations. Cleanliness and beautification of Govardhan Sagar Ujjain should also be ensured.

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