31 May 2024

Lok Sabha Elections 2024: Who will win Morena seat: BJP or Congress? Why contest is so close this time?


Lok Sabha Elections 2024 Morena Seat: There is a close contest between BJP and Congress on the Morena Lok Sabha seat of Madhya Pradesh. According to political observers, either BJP or Congress can win here. They told that there has been a close contest between BJP candidate Shivmangal Singh Tomar and Congress candidate Satyapal Singh Sikarwar. The victory and defeat will also be by a close margin.

Internal opposition started in BJP

Some analysts noted that while the BJP initially nominated Shivmangal Singh Tomar as their candidate for Morena in their first list, this decision sparked internal dissent within the BJP. Rumors circulated about a potential Congress candidate with significant influence challenging Shivmangal's candidacy, leading to the emergence of Satyapal Singh's name as a possible contender.

Satyapal Singh Sikarwar's family background is local

Satyapal Singh Sikarwar's family background is local. Father Gajraj Singh Sikarwar has been contesting elections here for a long time. Earlier this family was in BJP, but later the whole family joined Congress.

BJP's Shivmangal Tomar is said to be a supporter of Assembly Speaker Narendra Singh Tomar. In such a situation, as a counter to Shivmangal Tomar, Congress also fielded a Kshatriya candidate and fielded Satyapal Singh Sikarwar in the election.

BSP is a challenge for BJP and Congress

The BSP has nominated Ramesh Garg as its candidate from Morena, making inroads into the BJP's traditional support base among the Vaishya community. This development has raised concerns about the potential weakening of the BJP's position in the region. Satyapal's popularity has been growing among the public recently. However, both the BJP's and Congress's voter bases remain significant factors in determining the outcome of the election for the Morena seat. Thus, any candidate from either party could emerge victorious in this election.

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