1 May 2024

Gujarat Lok Sabha Election 2024: PM Modi challenges Congress regarding reservation in country

Gujarat Lok Sabha Election 2024: While addressing an election rally in Banaskantha, Gujarat, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has challenged the Congress.

He said, "My challenge to the INDI alliance is to declare, give a guarantee to the country, in writing because we cannot trust them that they will not give reservation on the basis of religion."

PM Modi said, "Make another announcement that you will never touch the reservation of SC, ST, OBC and general category. I know that INDI will never be able to give such a thing in writing."

Addressing the Vijay Vishwas meeting here in Banaskantha on Wednesday, PM Modi said that the government that was there before 2014 in Centre was only known for news of terrorism, scams and corruption all around the country.

"This Congress 'Jamat' should listen, as long as Modi is alive, there will be no reservation on the basis of religion. Reservations for SC, ST, and OBCs have been given by the Constitution, and no one can take them away," he added.

Reservations will be protected as long as the BJP is there

PM Modi also emphasised that as long as the BJP is there, reservations will be protected.

"The prince of Congress proudly called the entire Modi and OBC communities thieves. In 2024, Congress and the INDI Alliance have come up with the new lie that reservations will end. Even today, the NDA has around 360 seats in the Parliament, and parties like BJD and YSRCP, which were not in our alliance, supported us anyway. I had the strength of 400 in Parliament. But we did not commit the sin of withdrawing the reservation," PM Modi said.

Sharpening his attacks on Congress, the Prime Minister added that even today, Congress has no issues, no vision, and no passion to work.

Cong tried to belittle me by calling me chai wala

"The country was immersed in despair. I left no stone unturned in my efforts. I spent every moment in the name of my countrymen and the country. I tried to take the country out of that troubled situation. "In 2014, Congress tried to belittle me by calling me "chai wala" and doubted what I could do for the country. I was made fun of. But the country gave them such an answer that the party that once used to occupy 400 seats, now being brought down to 40 only," PM Modi said.

Further, PM Modi asserted that results of the 2024 election will come out on June 4, but he has prepared a plan for what to do in the first 100 days in his third term.

"We are going to come up with new resolutions for the development of the welfare of the poor and farmers. I am not going to be satisfied with winning just 26 seats (in Gujarat), but have to win every booth. When every vote goes to Modi, then the guarantee will be confirmed," he added.

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