1 May 2024

Rajasthan Lok Sabha Election 2024: Sachin Pilot's Absence from Campaign Trail on These 3 Constituencies Fuels Speculation About Rift with Gehlot

Rajasthan Lok Sabha Election 2024: Sachin Pilot, the former Deputy CM of Rajasthan and Congress leader overseeing Chhattisgarh, finds himself once again under the spotlight. During the ongoing Lok Sabha elections-2024 in Rajasthan, there was a notable demand for Pilot for campaigning. Various leaders in several constituencies sought his participation in election rallies. 

Despite some gatherings being arranged in his name, Pilot notably remained absent from campaign activities in key constituencies such as Nagaur, Ajmer, and Jalore. This absence has sparked intense political discourse in Rajasthan, with interpretations and speculations running rife within political circles, particularly concerning the ongoing tensions between Pilot and Ashok Gehlot.

Pilot Fails to Campaign in Jalore Despite Earlier Pledge

Vaibhav Gehlot, candidate from Jalore, is the son of former CM Ashok Gehlot. Pilot had recently given a statement in the media that he has forgiven Ashok Gehlot and he will go to Jalore to campaign for Vaibhav. But Pilot did not reach Jalore. Now politics has heated up in Rajasthan regarding this. 

It is being said that whatever Sachin Pilot had said earlier was not from his heart and he has taken the decision of not going to Jalore from his heart. Now speculation regarding this has intensified. While targeting Sachin Pilot during the elections, Vaibhav had also given a statement that in the year 2014, his opponents had denied him the ticket. It is believed that only after this statement of Vaibhav, Pilot did not go to Jalore for campaigning.

Pilot holds a longstanding grudge against Beniwal

In the ongoing saga of the India alliance, RLP leader Hanuman Beniwal vies for the Nagaur Lok Sabha seat. Amidst this electoral backdrop, Beniwal openly expressed interest in hosting Sachin Pilot's rally in his constituency. Despite Beniwal's overture, Pilot's absence from the Nagaur campaign trail hints at a deeper rift stemming from past animosities.

Prior to the Rajasthan Assembly elections, Beniwal launched scathing verbal salvos against Pilot, asserting that Pilot's political prominence owes more to his father, Rajesh Pilot, than any personal merit. Beniwal even offered to mediate during the political turmoil between Ashok Gehlot and Sachin Pilot, which went unreciprocated. This snub soured their relationship further, prompting Beniwal to intensify his political attacks against Pilot.

It appears that Pilot's decision to forego campaigning in Nagaur, despite the alliance, stems from a combination of this lingering feud and his commitments in Chhattisgarh and other electoral battlegrounds.

Pilot's distance from Gurjar dominated Ajmer

Congress has made Ramchandra Choudhary its candidate from Ajmer. Sachin Pilot not contesting the Ajmer seat in the Lok Sabha elections has become a topic of discussion in politics. Actually, Ajmer Lok Sabha seat is considered to be a seat with Gurjar voters. Congress candidate Ramchandra Chaudhary also said that he had requested Sachin Pilot several times to come to Ajmer. He used to talk to Sachin Pilot's staff four to five times. But his staff did not give time because Pilot was busy. 

However, Ramchandra Chaudhary also said that Ashok Gehlot is a national level star campaigner. There is no greater campaigner than him. In such a situation, with the arrival of Ashok Gehlot in Ajmer, all the needs have been fulfilled. But former Deputy CM of Rajasthan Sachin Pilot did not reach the Gurjar dominated Ajmer seat. Now it has become a topic of discussion.

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