1 May 2024

Petition in Supreme Court Seeks Investigation into AstraZeneca's Covishield Vaccine Side Effects

A petition has been submitted to the Supreme Court, calling for an investigation into the potential side effects of the Covishield vaccine, which is based on the AstraZeneca formula. The petitioner highlights AstraZeneca's acknowledgment of blood clotting issues associated with the vaccine. 

The petition emphasizes the need for an expert medical panel to thoroughly examine the vaccine's side effects and assess potential risks to public health.

The petition has been filed by Advocate Vishal Tiwari. He said that if someone gets harmed after vaccination, a system should be made to compensate them.

The first corona vaccine in India is Covishield. It was made by Serum Institute of Pune. The Covishield formula is derived from British pharma company AstraZeneca.

What has been said in the petition?

The petition demands that instructions should be issued to form a panel of medical experts to investigate the side effects of Covishield vaccine.

Petition says experts from AIIMS Delhi should also be in this panel. The panel should be headed by the Director of AIIMS and the responsibility of monitoring the investigation should be with a retired Supreme Court judge.

Expert panel should investigate whether there are any side effects of Covishield vaccine? If so, how serious are they?

If someone suffers serious harm or dies after taking the vaccine, then instructions should be given to the Center to create a vaccine damage payment system to compensate such people or their dependents.

Vaccine Blamed for Many Deaths

AstraZeneca is under scrutiny for alleged links to numerous fatalities stemming from its vaccine. Additionally, many people have reported severe illnesses following vaccination. Presently, there are 51 ongoing cases against the company in the UK High Court, with victims collectively seeking compensation of approximately Rs 1 thousand crore.

AstraZeneca admits in court

Acknowledging the potential for serious side effects, AstraZeneca has conceded in court that its Covid-19 vaccine may lead to adverse outcomes, although in exceedingly rare instances. Documents presented to the British High Court reveal the company's admission that its vaccine can induce thrombosis thrombocytopenia syndrome (TTS) in certain cases. TTS results in the formation of blood clots within the body, accompanied by a decrease in platelet counts. This can cause cardiac arrest and brain stroke.

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