11 May 2024

India cast its vote in support of Palestine's bid to attain full UN membership

On Friday, India supported a draft resolution in the UN General Assembly asserting that Palestine meets the criteria and merits full membership in the United Nations. The resolution also urged the Security Council to review the matter in a positive light. 

During an emergency special session, the 193-member General Assembly convened, where the Arab Group, chaired by the United Arab Emirates in May, presented the resolution titled 'Admission of new Members to the United Nations', advocating for Palestine's full UN membership.

The resolution received 143 votes in favor, with India among them, nine against, and 25 abstentions. Applause filled the UNGA hall following the vote.

The countries that voted in opposition include America and Israel.

The resolution affirmed that "the State of Palestine meets the criteria for membership in the United Nations" as outlined in Article 4 of the UN Charter, and thus "should be granted membership in the United Nations."

Furthermore, it urged the Security Council to "review the matter positively, taking into account this determination."

US had vetoed a similar proposal in UNSC last month

The US had vetoed a similar proposal in the UN Security Council last month.

The decision on membership of the United Nations is taken by the Security Council only.

It is believed that America will once again veto the Palestinian membership bid.

But the support received at the General Assembly on Friday is being seen as increasing support for the Palestinians in the world.

At present the Palestinian territories are not a member state of the United Nations but are an observer state.

The Israeli Foreign Minister has called the UN General Assembly's decision an 'absurd decision'.

Earlier this month, Ambassador Ruchira Kamboj, India's Permanent Representative to the UN, expressed that despite the Security Council's veto hindering Palestine's UN membership application, India remains steadfast in its stance. She emphasized India's enduring position, expressing hope for a reconsideration in due time, and endorsing Palestine's aspiration for UN membership.

In 1974, India emerged as the first non-Arab State to acknowledge the Palestine Liberation Organisation as the singular and rightful representative of the Palestinian people. Further demonstrating its support, India stood among the earliest nations to acknowledge the State of Palestine in 1988. 

In 1996, New Delhi took a significant step by inaugurating its Representative Office to the Palestine Authority in Gaza, a gesture that underscored its commitment. This office was subsequently relocated to Ramallah in 2003.

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