11 May 2024

Madhya Pradesh Lok Sabha Election-2024: Can Congress Disrupt BJP's Ambition for a Clean Sweep in MP? What Jitu Patwari is claiming?

PCC Chief Jitu Patwari: In the ongoing political discourse in Madhya Pradesh, PCC Chief Jitu Patwari has made significant assertions regarding the electoral landscape. According to him, the BJP's dream of achieving a flawless 29-0 victory is improbable. 

Patwari contended that following three phases of elections, the trajectory has become distinctly evident. He boldly asserted that the BJP's anticipated sweep will not materialize, predicting instead that Congress will secure 15 seats in Madhya Pradesh after the completion of all four phases.

PM misleading in name of religion

Jitu Patwari gave the logic behind his claim that the public no longer has faith in PM Modi's guarantees and promises. PM Modi himself has started realizing this, hence he has once again started talking in his public meetings on issues like Ram Mandir, Hindu-Muslims, will sell Mangalsutra, so that people can be misled in the name of religion.

Killing democracy

Jitu Patwari said that whatever BJP did in the case of Akshay Kanti Bam in Indore, it is equivalent to killing democracy. Therefore, the Congress Party is encouraging the people of Indore to choose NOTA, so that the people of Indore can send a message to such politicians that the BJP may not deprive people the right to elect their public representative in democracy.

NOTA will be a message

What the way BJP has done in Surat, Khajuraho and now Indore, it is a robbery on the rights of the people. Let the public choose whom they want to elect as their MLA, MP, but how can you deprive the public of their right to elect their representative by doing political maneuvering. This is a crime, a crime against the public. Therefore, NOTA will be a message that politicians should desist from such tactics.

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