13 May 2024

Lok Sabha elections-2024: What did PM Modi, Amit Shah, Rahul Gandhi and Mallikarjun Kharge said as fourth phase of voting begins


Many politicians including PM Modi have urged voters to exercise their franchise with the commencement of voting for the fourth phase of Lok Sabha elections-2024.

PM Modi has appealed to the people to vote in large numbers in the seats where elections are being held.

PM Modi posted on social media platform: "I am confident that people will vote in large numbers on all these seats, in which youth and women voters will participate enthusiastically. Let us do our duty and strengthen democracy!”

Rahul Gandhi wrote: 'Today is the fourth phase of voting! It has become clear in the first three phases that the government of India is going to be formed on June 4. Remember, your one vote will not only protect your democratic rights, but will also change the fate of your entire family.

'Therefore, come out in large numbers and vote and let them know that the country will now vote on its own issues and will not deviate!'

Meanwhile, Congress President Mallikarjun Kharge has said that 'in the first three phases you (voters) have shown that you are voting to save democracy and the Constitution from dictatorial forces.'

"Vote in favor of justice on 96 seats in 10 states and union territories."

Union Home Minister Amit Shah has also appealed to the people to vote in large numbers.

He said, "Today I appeal to the voters of Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Jharkhand, Madhya Pradesh and Jammu and Kashmir in the fourth phase of Lok Sabha elections. Reach polling booths in record numbers today to form a government whose welfare of the poor is its top priority.

"End unemployment, inflation, hatred, corruption and injustice with your one vote," Congress posted on Twitter.

“Know the power of your vote. Vote for Congress. Circumstances will change hands.

In the fourth phase of Lok Sabha elections, voting is being held on 96 seats in 10 states and union territories.

Voting has been done on 102 Lok Sabha seats in the first phase, 88 in the second phase and 93 Lok Sabha seats in the third phase.

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