30 May 2024

MP: People will join Kshipra Parikrama, Ganga Dashami in Ujjain; Chunari will be offered to holy Kshipra

Bhopal: Chief Minister Dr. Mohan Yadav has said that Kshipra Parikrama programmes will be held in Ujjain on 15th and 16th June on Navami and Dashami. The yatra will commence from Ramghat, passing through revered sites like Dutt Akhara, Triveni, Garh Kalika, and Gomti Kund. 

As part of the ritual, common people will offer Chunari to the sacred Kshipra river. Dr. Yadav said the program will be organized with traditional fervor and a significant turnout is expected. He familiarized himself with the details of the Kshipra Parikrama and Ganga Dashami program during a meeting held at the Mantralaya.

CM Dr. Yadav obtained information about the nature of the cultural event to be held in Ramghat, Dutt Akhara area on the evening of 16th June. This programme will be organised by Maharaja Vikramaditya Research Institute. On this occasion, a special booklet apprising about the importance of Kshipra River and its cultural splendour will also be released. An audio-video CD focusing on Sadanira will also be launched.

Programmes will be held on banks of other major rivers

Along with Kshipra Parikrama and Ganga Dashami programme, Dr. Yadav also gave instruction to organise cultural programmes, exhibitions and water sports activities on the banks of other major rivers of the state like Narmada, Chambal, Tapti, Sone, Sindh and Banganga etc. Simultaneously, work of cleaning the divine places situated on the banks of rivers and sanitizing the temple premises should be done. 

CM Dr. Yadav said that for the last twenty years, Kshipra Parikrama and Ganga Dashami are being organised. It is also a festival symbolizing social harmony. Presentation of bhajans and other cultural programmes is its specialty. By expanding this rich tradition in the entire state, the idea of organising events on the ghats of other rivers also should be realized with the participation of citizens.

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