30 Jun 2024

Big Boss Ott3: The first weekend ka vaar was in name of Deepak Chaurasia

The first weekend ka vaar of Big Boss OTT 3 started with Deepak Chaurasia. Yes, Deepak Chaurasia appeared in his familiar style in the weekend ka vaar and the anchoring done by Deepak here forced Anil Kapoor to clap. Deepak is known for experimenting, whether it is news reporting or getting to the bottom of the news.

Deepak Chaurasia made a big announcement

Now in such a situation, Deepak also made another big announcement on the stage of Big Boss. Here Deepak not only anchored… read the news… but also said that he too wants to become a YouTuber in the future. As soon as Deepak said this, the big YouTubers sitting there were shocked.

Deepak Chaurasia presented the bulletin..

During the weekend vaar, Deepak Chaurasia covered a wide range of news topics, including gossip, conflicts, and activities within the house, presenting them from a news perspective. He also shook the system by highlighting the intensity of Vishal and Armaan's altercation. Whether it was crime, politics, investigations, or entertainment news, Deepak left no aspect of the past week in the Bigg Boss house untouched in his bulletin. He even provided detailed updates on the weather conditions within the Bigg Boss house.

Should I call you Deepak or Deepak ji..?

This is the first time in the history of Bigg Boss that a host has asked a contestant whether I should call you Deepak or Deepak ji. Till date no contestant has been addressed with such love, but Deepak Chaurasia is different.

Supported Shivani

Deepak Chaurasia effectively played a supportive role towards Shivani, earning praise on social media for his brotherly attitude. His encouragement of Shivani in front of Anil Kapoor was particularly noteworthy. Drawing parallels between his and Shivani's journeys, Deepak shared his early struggles in journalism, resonating with many. Additionally, he eloquently explained the concept of attention-seeking behavior, highlighting that everyone in the house desires attention and visibility on camera. Deepak's candidness and honesty have resonated well with fans.

Threat of elimination..!!

There is going to be a big elimination in Bigg Boss house today and this will be the second elimination of this season in the first weekend ka vaar, this will definitely change the equations of the house once again.

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