29 Jun 2024

Bigg Boss OTT 3: Deepak Chaurasia's Initiative Helps Housemates Tell Their Stories Prior to Weekend ka Vaar

The contestants have spent a week in the Bigg Boss house. The Weekend ka Vaar is scheduled for Saturday. Following Deepak Chaurasia's nomination, Sai Ketan Rao attempted to save him. Sai Ketan Rao recognizes Deepak Chaurasia as a valuable member of the house, appreciating his sensible approach to expressing opinions and listening to others without creating unnecessary conflicts.

Anil Kapoor has started shooting in the Bigg Boss house. This is the first Weekend ka Vaar of this season and there is a lot of excitement among the fans about this Weekend War because Anil Kapoor is appearing as a host for the first time.

Before the shoot of Weekend ka Vaar, Deepak Chaurasia looked very cool and composed. He taught everyone in the house how to make Kadhi which none of the contestants knew. Then he again held a meeting in the evening where Ranbir narrated his story. Shivani told her story and Sai Ketan Rao also told his story. Everyone got emotional and the housemates were seen thanking Deepak Chaurasia because after all, it is because of Deepak's initiative that the housemates are able to know each other's struggles.

The housemates asked Deepak to tell his story as well. But Deepak started Ranbir's story first and by the time Ranveer's story was over, lunch was ready in the house.

Sana Maqbool also finds Deepak a very strong contestant 

TV actress Sana Maqbool also finds Deepak a very strong contestant and that is why she was seen saying yesterday that Deepak Chaurasia is a gossiper. Whereas let us tell you that whatever Deepak Chaurasia has to say, he says it on the face and not behind the back. On the weekend war, when the clothes of all the housemates were brought, Deepak Chaurasia said straight away that I like to stay simple and we will sit as simple in the weekend war.

Munisha was also seen saying in the morning that when everyone was sleeping, Deepak was saying in his sleep that hey change the battery. Just like there is an elder of the house who has to take care of the house, similarly she feels that even in dreams Deepak keeps seeing everything related to the house.

On Friday, no task was done in the house due to which the house remained quite dull and this was the reason why Deepak Chaurasia questioned the housemates about their personal life and got many secrets out. Now it has to be seen who will be eliminated this week in the weekend ka vaar, as you know that seven people of the house are nominated.

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