6 Jun 2024

Chhindwara Lok Sabha Seat: After Election Loss Nakul Nath Asserts He Will Stay; What Was Kamal Nath's Response?

Chhindwara Lok Sabha Seat: Following the results of the high-profile Chhindwara seat in Madhya Pradesh, there has been much speculation about the future plans of Kamal Nath and Nakul Nath. Addressing these concerns, former Chief Minister Kamal Nath and former MP Nakul Nath held a meeting with local Congress leaders at a hotel in Chhindwara. During the meeting, Kamal Nath also conducted a review of the reasons behind the election defeat.

A family relationship: Nakul

Former MP Nakul Nath spoke at the gathering, expressing, "The election in Chhindwara has been unprecedented. Despite this, you all have united and fought diligently, much like a family. We have a 45-year-old relationship. This is not a political relationship, but a family relationship"

I am undeterred: Nakul Nath

Nakul Nath added, "Regardless of the reasons for our loss, I am undeterred. We will certainly analyze the situation. While I may have not emerged victorious in the election, I am not retreating. Neither Kamal Nath nor I are abandoning our responsibilities. I remain committed to standing by your side until the very end."

Our bond will endure indefinitely: Kamal Nath

Former Chief Minister and Chhindwara MLA Kamal Nath mentioned, "I had to travel to Delhi, but I am here today to express my gratitude to all of you. Our bond will endure indefinitely. The residents of Chhindwara have bid me farewell, which I acknowledge. However, my connection with each one of you remains strong. Together, we will hoist the Congress flag once more and continue our efforts under its banner."

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