6 Jun 2024

Will Priyanka contest Lok Sabha election after Rahul Gandhi's victory on 2 seats?

Following the announcement of the Lok Sabha election 2024 results, there is speculation about whether Congress General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi Vadra will become a Member of Parliament. This speculation arises from Rahul Gandhi's victory in two constituencies, Rae Bareli and Wayanad. 

According to the constitution, Rahul Gandhi will need to vacate one seat. It remains to be seen whom Congress will nominate for this vacant seat. Prior to the election results, Priyanka Gandhi mentioned that she would consider contesting elections if the public expressed a desire for her candidacy.

This time Rahul contested from Wayanad in Kerala and Rae Bareli in Uttar Pradesh, a traditional seat for the Congress party. In the election, Rahul Gandhi secured victories in both constituencies.

I would like to represent both places: Rahul

When asked about his preference for which seat he would continue his political journey as an MP, Rahul Gandhi responded diplomatically. He expressed gratitude to the voters of Rae Bareli and Wayanad, stating, "I have won from both seats and I want to thank the voters from the bottom of my heart. I will need to decide on which seat to retain, have discussions, and then make a decision. I cannot represent both constituencies as an MP, but I have not made a final decision yet. Ideally, I would like to represent both places. Thank you to everyone."

Priyanka instrumental in securing Rahul & Sharma's victories

Priyanka Gandhi has been instrumental in securing Rahul's victory in Rae Bareli and KL Sharma's victory in Amethi. Following the Congress party's defeat in the Amethi-Rae Bareli region during the 2022 assembly elections, Priyanka devised an extensive outreach program for the area. She formulated a 12-day plan for Amethi-Rae Bareli, which involved the formation of a core team comprising 500 individuals. This team visited 20 villages daily, establishing direct contact with the local residents.

Priyanka emphasized this point during a conversation with the media before the election results were announced. When explaining the decision not to contest the elections this time, she mentioned, "If both of us were to contest the elections, we would have to remain in our respective constituencies for 15 days. Therefore, we believed it would be more suitable for me to campaign across the country."

I am committed to working in whatever capacity the party assigns me: Priyanka

Regarding the possibility of contesting future elections, Priyanka did not provide a definitive answer when questioned. She stated, "I have never aspired to become an MP or run for elections; I am committed to working in whatever capacity the party assigns me. If there is public support for my candidacy, then I would consider contesting."

Rae Bareli could be considered a viable option for Priyanka

If the Congress leadership decides to nominate Priyanka as a candidate, one of the seats, either Wayanad or Rae Bareli, will become available as a secure option for the party. It is noteworthy that despite not contesting the election from the Rae Bareli seat, Priyanka possesses a deep understanding of the dynamics, geography, and local leadership in the area. Therefore, Rae Bareli could be considered a viable option for Priyanka. However, this assessment is speculative. Prior to Rahul's victory in Rae Bareli, Sonia Gandhi represented this constituency as an MP.

The Congress leadership may consider fielding Priyanka as a candidate, which could serve as a strategic move sending a message to the BJP. During the Lok Sabha elections, the BJP had accused Priyanka Gandhi of refraining from contesting out of fear of losing.

In response to these allegations, Priyanka stated that the Congress does not base its decisions on the BJP's tactics. She highlighted that if both she and Rahul were to contest elections simultaneously, it would play into the BJP's advantage as both she and Rahul will remain busy in their respective constituencies and she would not be available for campaigning and rallies etc on a national level.

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