6 Jun 2024

MP: Sad news comes from Kuno National Park; cheetah Gamini's one cub found dead

Kuno National Park: Sad news has come from Kuno National Park, the only home of cheetahs located in Sheopur, Madhya Pradesh. Here, one of the 6 cubs born to female cheetah Gamini three months ago has died. The dead cub was found lying near the mother. 

At present, the cause of death has not been revealed. According to the park management, the real cause of death will be known only after the post-mortem report.

According to the information, among the 12 cheetahs that were brought to Kuno National Park from South Africa on 18 February 2023, female cheetah Gamini was also there. Five-year-old Gamini gave birth to 6 cubs in March. Kuno management had also released videos and photos of Gamini and her cubs having fun on Mother's Day. They went viral on social media.

On Tuesday evening at around 4 pm, the veterinary team saw that a cub was lying dead near the mother. While the remaining five cubs are playing here and there. Now only 13 cubs and 13 adult cheetahs are left in Kuno Park.

Cheetah Gamini gave birth to a rare half a dozen cubs in March this year. This litter exceeded the usual count of four to five cubs for cheetahs.

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