2 Jun 2024

Jairam Ramesh claims Amit Shah called 150 DMs ahead of vote counting; EC takes action

New Delhi: The Election Commission has issued a notice to Congress leader Jairam Ramesh, seeking clarification on his claim that Union Home Minister Amit Shah called 150 district magistrates before the vote counting. The Commission has asked Ramesh to provide a detailed explanation by Sunday evening, substantiating the basis of his allegations.

The notice comes in response to Ramesh's post on social media platform X on Saturday, where he stated, "The outgoing Home Minister has called the DMs. So far, he has spoken to 150 officers."

In its notice, the Commission emphasized the importance of free and fair elections under the Model Code of Conduct, which is enforced following the announcement of elections. The Commission reminded Ramesh that the entire country's administration, including District Magistrates and senior district officers, operates under EC's direction during this period.

"You are required to provide proof of your statements to the Commission," the notice reads. "Since the Model Code of Conduct is in effect, it is crucial that the administration remains unbiased and operates under the Commission's guidance. Please clarify the basis of your claims and your public post."

On Saturday, Ramesh had publicly asserted, "The outgoing Home Minister has been talking to district collectors on the phone since this morning. So far, he has spoken to 150 officers. This attempt to openly threaten officers is extremely shameful and unacceptable. Democracy runs on mandate, not threats. On June 4, as per the mandate, Narendra Modi, Amit Shah, and BJP will be out of power, and the India Alliance will be victorious. Officers should not come under any kind of pressure and should protect the Constitution."

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