1 Jun 2024

Lok Sabha Election 2024: Congress to boycott exit poll debates, what BJP said?

Lok Sabha Election 2024: The Congress party has opted not to participate in the exit polls debates. The party said it will not send its spokesperson to discuss the exit polls.

In response, the BJP has strongly reacted to this decision. Union Home Minister Amit Shah commented on Friday, stating that the Congress is in a 'denial mode'.

Shah said, “It’s nothing new that the Congress will boycott discussions on the exit poll. The Congress is in denial mode for quite some time. They kept claiming throughout the election that they are getting a majority. Now they also know that in the exit poll, they are going to be badly defeated. That is why they are dismissing the whole exercise of exit polls.”

Shah added, “Exit polls have been happening for a long time, but they are boycotting them this time as they can’t explain the reasons for their defeat. And, anyway, since Rahul Gandhi has come to the core of the Congress, the party is living in denial mode. They question the Supreme Court and the Election Commission. They question EVMs. They run away from Parliament instead of debating there."

Shah said further, "Congress mock constitutional positions and also question the agencies. I think that after Rahul Gandhi came to the core, be it any institution…, the Congress is in denial mode. That is the reason why they are boycotting the exit poll. I want to tell Congress leaders – being an ostrich won’t help. Face defeat with courage, introspect and move ahead. The BJP also lost many polls, but we never boycotted the media and exit polls. I have faith that any exit poll will strengthen the 400-plus slogan of the BJP on the ground.”

At the same time, the head of the Congress's publicity department, Pawan Khera, has written on Twitter, "The voters have cast their votes and their decision is reserved. The results will come on June 4. Before that, we see no reason to speculate and join the race for TRP."

The Congress party has said that the party will not participate in any debate on TV till June 4.

The Congress has said that the purpose of any debate should be to make people aware. We will participate in the debate after June 4.

Meanwhile, BJP President JP Nadda has written on X that Congress not being included in the exit polls shows that Congress has accepted its defeat.

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