5 Jun 2024

Lok Sabha Election 2024 Results: How Priyanka and Rahul Gandhi Took Center Stage in INDIA's Impressive Performance

New Delhi: Rahul Gandhi who has faced ridicule from the BJP for years with labels like 'pappu' and 'shehzade', has been a consistent target of criticism. The BJP has often used jabs at the Gandhi family as a key strategy to undermine the main Opposition Congress in various elections over the past decade. However, as the Congress party moves closer to a 100-seat mark in the current Lok Sabha election, marking its strongest performance in ten years, and the overall INDIA bloc's results surpass all exit poll predictions, the Gandhi siblings have emerged as significant figures in this success.

Rahul effectively commenced his campaign by embarking on a Bharat Jodo Yatra spanning across the nation. Although the precise influence of the yatra on the number of Lok Sabha seats secured remains a topic of analysis and discussion, it is evident that his direct engagements with the public during the journey helped bridge the gap between him and the people. These interactions played a crucial role in dispelling the image crafted by the BJP and bringing him closer to the public beyond the confines of television screens.

Images of Rahul interacting with and embracing people, and engaging in conversations with people from diverse backgrounds, including students, truck drivers, and mechanics, revealed a previously unseen aspect of his personality to the nation.

Priyanka's decision not to contest was deliberate

Regarding Priyanka Gandhi, there were widespread anticipations of her participating in the elections this time, leading to inquiries when she chose not to. Addressing this, Ms. Gandhi Vadra explained in various interviews that her decision was deliberate. She highlighted that if both she and Rahul were to contest the election, they would be solely focused on campaigning in a single constituency. Instead, the strategy was for her to remain available for rallies. This strategic move appears to have yielded positive results.

While Rahul Gandhi traveled extensively across the country to address rallies for the INDIA bloc, Priyanka Gandhi Vadra took charge of spearheading the Congress's campaign in the family strongholds of Amethi and Raebareli. In these constituencies, Priyanka Gandhi Vadra played a dual role as both the face and the strategist of the party. From engaging in grassroots gatherings to orchestrating the party's strategies, she led the campaign in these crucial battles right from the beginning.

In the 2024 election, Priyanka emerged as a captivating orator who not only captivates the audience but also establishes a connection with them. Her response to Prime Minister Narendra Modi's accusation that the Congress intends to implement a wealth redistribution plan and confiscate "mangalsutra" garnered national attention.

Image built by BJP regarding Gandhi siblings was shattered

In a notable statement, she addressed Modi's claim by questioning, "Modi says the Congress wants to take away your gold, your mangalsutra. The country has been independent for 70 years. The Congress ruled for 55 years. Has anyone robbed you of your gold or your mangalsutra? When the country was in need, Indira Gandhi contributed her gold. My mother's mangalsutra was sacrificed for this nation."

These interactions shattered the image constructed by the BJP regarding the Gandhi siblings. The ruling party's taunts about the "royal family" lost their impact.

Equally noteworthy is the Congress's decision to contest only 328 out of 543 seats in this election - its smallest number ever - while allocating the remaining 215 seats to INDIA allies. This marked a significant shift for the party led by Mallikarjun Kharge. The outcome of this strategic move appears to have been successful.

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