12 Jun 2024

Toxic Gas Fumes Prevail After Devastating Fire at Former BJP MLA Sanjay Bhargava's Chemical Factory in Vidisha Doused After 5 Hours

Vidisha: A major fire erupted at a pesticide factory owned by former BJP MLA Sanjay Bhargava in Vidisha, MP on Wednesday morning, fueled by a substantial amount of flammable chemicals stored on the site. The factory premises were completely engulfed in flames.

Reports indicated the emission of toxic gas fumes due to the chemicals, prompting authorities to warn people to steer clear of the area. Fifteen fire brigades, including a specialized foam fire brigade, swiftly arrived at the scene to combat the flames. The billowing smoke was visible up to 10 kilometers away. A safety advisory was issued by the authorities for the public.

By noon, the fire was successfully contained, thanks to the coordinated efforts of the firefighting teams. The factory, situated in the city's industrial zone and owned by former MLA and BJP leader Shashank Bhargava, raised concerns about the potential spread of the fire to the nearby United factory, which housed numerous chemical drums. With assistance from the GPCB, the drums were safely relocated after breaching the factory's perimeter.

Onlookers gathered near the site

Eyewitnesses recounted observing smoke emanating from the factory early in the morning, with one resident mistaking it for a garbage fire until he noticed the flames. Despite evacuation measures, onlookers gathered near the site, hindering the authorities' efforts to disperse the crowd.

The incident drew a significant crowd, posing challenges for the police in maintaining order. The foul odor of chemicals permeating the surroundings heightened the risk to individuals in the vicinity. SP Deepak Shukla stated that the black smoke rising from the factory is toxic, and people were advised to avoid it. Efforts are underway to control the fire as soon as possible.

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