9 Jun 2024

MP Youth Congress protests over nursing scam, workers clash with police in Bhopal, many hurt

Bhopal: On Sunday, the Madhya Pradesh Youth Congress organized a protest in Bhopal, calling for the arrest of those involved in the Nursing College Scam. The activists gathered outside Minister Vishwas Sarang's residence with intentions to gherao his house. The Bhopal police later intervened using baton charges and water cannons to disperse the crowd.

Mitendra Singh Yadav, the state president of Youth Congress, courted arrest along with other workers when they gathered near the residence of MP's Youth Sports and Welfare Minister Vishwas Sarang. Prior to the arrest, there was a confrontation between the Youth Congress workers and the police.

Water cannon used on Cong workers

The police employed water cannons to prevent the Youth Congress workers from reaching the minister's bungalow. Despite this, the workers proceeded with their president. In anticipation of the Youth Congress's planned protest, the administration made extensive preparations, including setting up multiple barricades along the route to deter the protesters. A significant police presence, along with water cannons and riot control vehicles, was deployed for crowd control.

Many workers injured in clash

Akash Chauhan, the District President of the Media Department, stated that the Youth Congress was peacefully protesting, calling for the resignation of Minister Vishwas Sarang. However, he claimed that the police resorted to forceful measures to silence the Youth Congress and protect the minister, resulting in injuries to many workers. 

Vivek Tripathi, the President of the Youth Congress Media Department, alleged that the former Health Minister Vishwas Sarang, along with several senior officials and prominent BJP members at that time, were implicated in the nursing scandal. He further suggested that the government is attempting to shield the wrongdoers by downplaying the issue.

Nursing colleges were running against rules

The layers of the nursing college scam in Madhya Pradesh are being uncovered consistently. Many nursing colleges in the region were found to be operating on paper, disregarding regulations. Officials involved in the investigation were allegedly providing a clean chit to these colleges in exchange for bribes. 

When the issue surfaced, the High Court mandated the closure of 66 illegally operating nursing colleges in the state. Concerns remain that there may be additional nursing colleges warranting investigation. In response, NSUI, along with the Youth Congress, has raised concerns regarding this matter.

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