16 Jun 2024

What Shiv Senas Uddhav Thackeray Faction Leader Sanjay Raut Said on Lok Sabha Speaker Election

Shiv Sena (Uddhav faction) leader Sanjay Raut emphasized the importance of the upcoming Lok Sabha Speaker election, calling it a "very important fight." 

Addressing reporters on Sunday, Raut highlighted the changing dynamics in Parliament, contrasting the current situation with that of 2019 and 2014. He referred to Rahul Gandhi's assertion that the government could be toppled at any time. He said there is instability within the administration led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Raut pointed out that Chandrababu Naidu, leader of the Telugu Desam Party (TDP), has expressed interest in the Speaker position. Raut supported Naidu's claim, implying that if the NDA did not secure the Speaker post, Modi and Amit Shah might target and undermine smaller parties like the TDP and Nitish Kumar's party. 

"It is their job to finish off those whose salt they eat," Raut stated, indicating a potential strategy by Modi and Shah to consolidate power by weakening their allies.

Raut also mentioned that if Naidu is not awarded the Speaker post and decides to field his own candidate, the India alliance, which includes Shiv Sena, will likely back him. He suggested that this collective support would demonstrate a unified opposition against the current ruling party.

Addressing the role of the RSS and BJP, Raut accused the RSS of being complicit in the damage he believes the BJP has inflicted on the country over the past decade. He suggested that if the RSS acknowledges and seeks to rectify its mistakes, it would be a positive development.

India Alliance also seeking the Deputy Speaker position

Sources indicate that the India Alliance is also seeking the Deputy Speaker position. If their demand is not met, they may nominate their own candidate for the Speaker role. Notably, the Lok Sabha has lacked a Deputy Speaker for the past five years, but the opposition is now more assertive. They have expressed a willingness to challenge the ruling party's dominance by putting forward their own candidates for these key positions.

Modi's days as PM are numbered: Raut

Raut further criticized Modi's leadership, suggesting that Modi's recent election as leader in the NDA meeting, rather than a BJP Parliamentary Party meeting, reflects his precarious hold on power. He implied that someone else might have been chosen if the decision had been made solely by the BJP. 

Raut declared that Modi's days as Prime Minister are numbered, asserting that the people have rejected him and accusing his government of acting against the Constitution. He stressed the need for a properly elected Lok Sabha Speaker under these circumstances.

Ruling party has the first right to Speaker post: JDU

Contrastingly, JDU spokesperson KC Tyagi defended the ruling party's claim to the Speaker position. He described the Speaker role as the most dignified in the House and asserted that the ruling party has the first right to it. Tyagi criticized the India Alliance's demands, labeling them as objectionable. 

He maintained that the BJP, as the largest party in the NDA alliance, rightfully deserves the Speaker position. He also emphasized JDU's long-standing alliance with the NDA, asserting that the BJP has never attempted to undermine JDU during their 35-year partnership.

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