4 Jul 2024

Bigg Boss OTT 3: Deepak Chaurasia exposes housemates

8 housemates of Bigg Boss house got nominated

Poulumi was eliminated inside the Bigg Boss house but even after that Bigg Boss has given another shock to the housemates. Bigg Boss has done rapid nominations inside the house and let us tell you that eight people have been nominated.

Deepak exposed the housemates

Bigg Boss OTT Season 3 is going on very fast and this is the reason why now the contestants have started playing fast. Yesterday Ranveer Armaan and Deepak Chaurasia were also seen discussing these things and here Deepak Chaurasia also exposed the faces of a lot of famous people of the house… Vishal is with Lovekesh Kataria only because of his vote bank and this is the reason why from the beginning he held his hand from the stage itself. And Deepak had understood this. 

In this entire conversation, Armaan vented his anger on Lovekesh and Vishal, while Deepak Chaurasia directly attacked Munisha's family and said that Munisha doesn't know her own future, what can she tell about others. As soon as I got nominated, she came and said that I don't know if you leave tomorrow, I will do your tarot reading today itself. I also jokingly said yes yes, of course do it.. 

And Deepak Chaurasia also revealed another shocking thing. He told that Munisha feels that she will win this show. After knowing this, all three of us should eat rat poison and die. Deepak Chaurasia has become convinced that he is being liked by the public in the show and this is the reason why he is getting good votes even after being nominated.

Whom did Deepak call the next crazy girl in the house? 

Nominations took place in the Bigg Boss house yesterday where Bigg Boss gave a big power to outsider Lovekesh in nominations…Big Boss gave Lovekesh the right to tell which player will nominate how many people and in such a situation, many contestants were disappointed. Because let us tell you that 8 contestants have been nominated inside the house and in such a situation, Deepak Chaurasia tried to lighten the atmosphere and he had a lot of fun with Chandrika and Shivani. 

He nick-named both of them as Agli  and Pagli and Deepak Chaurasia also had a long session with the housemates inside the house yesterday. Where he was seen asking different questions to the contestants. Deepak sometimes asked Shivani and Chandrika about their last wish and sometimes asked whom would they like to hug in this house. In such a situation, Deepak Chaurasia felt shy after hearing the answer given by Chandrika. 

Chandrika said that I would like to hug Shivani. Deepak asked who will you hug after that, Chandrika said I will hug you. Deepak Chaurasia started smiling and said that I am doing the interview so I will not be counted. In such a situation, she took the name of Sana Maqbool.

Deepak changed the mood of the house

Deepak had some fun with Ranveer and Sai Ketan Rao and made them reveal many secrets. Here Deepak Chaurasia's only aim was to make the atmosphere of the house pleasant. In such a situation, Big Boss was also very happy to see this interview session of Deepak.

Deepak revealed the secrets of the housemates' hearts in his own style

In this question and answer session of Deepak, Sana Sultan and Shivani even told what kind of life partner they want in their life. Deepak Chaurasia is such that he gets everyone's secrets and their heart out.

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