3 Jul 2024

Bridge collapse continues unabated in Bihar, 5 fall in a single day

The collapse of bridges in Bihar shows no signs of slowing down. On Wednesday, at least five bridges fell, including two over the Chhadi River in Siwan district. Heavy rains have washed away the road leading to one of these bridges, rendering it unusable for now.

Mukul Kumar Gupta, Siwan District Magistrate, told media that the Chhadi River, previously a dry riverbed, had been revived under the 'Jal Jeevan Hariyali' mission, benefiting irrigation for thousands of acres of farmland. 

The DM said the bridges, built on brick foundations around 40-45 years ago when the river was dry, could not withstand the recent heavy rains. Water levels in the river rose up to five feet, causing soil erosion and the eventual collapse of the bridges.

Similarly, in Saran district, two more river bridges over the Gandaki River also collapsed on the same day, impacting a large number of residents. 

In Saran, a neighboring district of Siwan, two bridges in Janta Bazaar police station area collapsed on Wednesday. One, constructed in 2004 near the Baba Dholnath temple, and another older bridge, built during the British era and located about 700 meters away, both fell after heavy rains. The collapse of these bridges has cut off about 20-25 villages from Siwan district, which lies about 2 kilometers away from the affected area.

The ongoing series of bridge collapses in Bihar, including new and under-construction bridges, has sparked political accusations and counter-accusations. Over the past 15 days, more than 10 bridges, both old and new, have collapsed across the state.

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