3 Jul 2024

Jharkhand: What did Champai Soren say after resigning from post of CM

Champai Soren stepped down from his position as Chief Minister of Jharkhand on Wednesday. In a statement to reporters following his resignation, he mentioned that the decision was made in the context of their alliance. 

He explained that there had been discussions within the alliance about a leadership change, leading to his appointment as Chief Minister. Subsequent political developments have now resulted in Hemant Babu re-assuming leadership within the alliance. Champai Soren emphasized that he resigned from the Chief Minister post in alignment with the alliance's decisions and actions.

Champai Soren said, "When we changed the leadership, I was given the responsibility of the post of Chief Minister. After this, political developments took place and Hemant Babu has returned. We have again chosen Hemant Babu as the leader of the alliance. And I have resigned from the post of Chief Minister."

Champai Soren said, "Whatever decision the alliance took, we have worked accordingly."

Meanwhile, Hemant Soren said, "The Chief Minister (Champai) has said everything. There is a lot of chaos right now, we will tell the rest of the things in detail. Whatever process is there, we have completed it."

On the question of oath, he said that all things will be told in a phased manner.

On Wednesday evening, CM Champai Soren reached Raj Bhavan to meet the Governor. Hemant Soren was also present with him.

Hemant Soren handed over the letter of support of the MLAs to the Governor. He also staked claim to form the government.

Earlier, the MLA party of India Alliance was held at Champai Soren's residence.

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