3 Jul 2024

Deepak Chaurasia's Bonding with All Housemates in Bigg Boss-3 Strengthens

Deepak Chaurasia's bonding with Ranveer and Sai Ketan Rao has become very good in the Bigg Boss-3 house, and often now Ranveer and Sai Ketan Rao sit and talk to Deepak during the day.

Ranveer, who is himself a mature person, obviously enjoys talking to a person of the same maturity as him.

So Deepak has also made two sisters in the house. As you know that he considers Shivani as his sister, his relationship with Chandrika has also become very good. Both support Deepak.. Today is the day of nomination in the house and Deepak will definitely benefit from this somewhere..

Task happened inside the OTT house

Elimination happened from the house, a very big and shocking elimination. And in such a situation, the housemates were not able to understand the elimination task. Deepak Chaurasia not only explained the task to the housemates but also told them how wrong you guys are going in the task.

According to the nominations that were made in the house, Bigg Boss did a mid-week elimination and for the first time in the history of Bigg Boss, Bigg Boss told the housemates about the voting trend...

Bottom 3 were announced 

The bottom 3 were announced and the names were of Munisha Poulomi and Chandrika. In such a situation, Bigg Boss told the housemates that a fire well has come in the house and there is a stepper inside it..if someone walks on that stepper for more than 1 hour, the voting trend will change. But if someone walks for less than 1 hour, the voting trend will not change. There will be a big change in two hours and three hours as well...

While Poulomi and Munisha were there, Chandrika was at number three, due to which Chandrika was also safe. Here Deepak Chaurasia tried to explain this task to the housemates very well. Deepak's friends Ranveer, Kritika and Shivani wanted to save Chandrika. But they did not listen to Deepak and trapped Chandrika.

After the task was over, Big Boss also said that you people did not understand the task.

Big Boss sent Lotus products

A very interesting thing happened in Big Boss's house at night. Big Boss sent Lotus products for the housemates and Deepak Chaurasia, who is full of simplicity, immediately said that I have never used all this. What will I do with it. After this, Chandrika and Sana Maqbool taught Deepak Chaurasia how to use Lotus products.

Let us tell you that Armaan Malik was one such person inside the house who was not getting along with Deepak Chaurasia from the beginning. But somewhere now Armaan Malik is also trying to befriend Deepak.

Yesterday he was seen sitting alone with Deepak and talking for a long time and he also discussed about his life and the housemates. Also, in the morning, he made tea for Deepak in a desi style.

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