3 Jul 2024

MP: Dr. Mohan govt's first full budget ... No hike in any tax... Electric buses will run in 6 cities… 22 new ITIs, 3 new medical colleges will open..Know what is special in this budget

On Wednesday, July 3, 2024, on the third day of the monsoon session of the Madhya Pradesh Legislative Assembly, the state government presented its first full budget for the financial year 2024—25. Dr. Mohan government has focused its first full budget on schemes for women, poor, farmers, health and education. In the history of Madhya Pradesh, Mohan government has made the biggest budget provision this time. 

State Finance Minister Jagdish Deora said in the House during his budget speech that the budget of Madhya Pradesh has been prepared by including unlimited possibilities. The state government will spend about Rs 3.65 lakh crore in this budget.

Per capita income in Madhya Pradesh has now increased 11 times. The Finance Minister said in his budget speech that two crore 30 lakh people in Madhya Pradesh have come out of the poverty line. 

Expressway network will expand in MP

In the next 5 years, 299 km of Atal Pragati Path will be built in the state through the expressway network. 900 km of Narmada Pragati Path and 676 km of Vindhya Expressway along with 450 km of Malwa Nirman Vikas Path will be prepared. Along with this, the construction of 330 km of Bundelkhand Vikas Path and 746 km of Madhya Bharat Vikas Path has been proposed.


7500 recruitments in MP Police

3 new medical colleges will start in MP this year

Dr. Mohan government's first full budget of 3.65 lakh crores

22 new ITI colleges to be opened in MP

Three new universities will also be opened

Budget of 50 crores for Tirth Darshan Yojana

Budget of 4,725 crores for forest and environment

Budget of 586 crores for Sports Youth Welfare Department

Budget of 659 crores for CM Rise Schools

Separate budget provision of 250 crores for cow shelters

This time MP's budget increased by 16%

Provision of 11,292 crores for Home Department

367 crores for Police Housing Scheme

Announcement of opening Ayurveda hospitals in five districts

22 new ITI colleges, more than 5000 seats will increase

Provision of 19000 crores for energy

All roads coming to Ujjain for Simhastha will be 4 lane or 8 lane

13596 crores for irrigation

Provision of funds for Ken Betwa Link Project and Parvati Chambal Project

Shri Anna Anusandhan Kendra will be opened in Dindori to promote millets

Provision of 150 crores for milk production bonus

Provision of 26560 crores for Ladli Laxmi, Ladli Behna

MLAs will also be benefited

Every MLA will get 5 lakh rupees to build e-office

There will be at least one 'PM Shri Excellence College' in every district. 

Provision has been made for recruitment on 2 thousand posts in the Higher Education Department.

Poor Prisoner Financial Assistance Scheme will be started. Under this, efforts will be made to release the poor prisoners who are in jails and are unable to pay the fine due to lack of money.

A provision of Rs 11,650 crore has been made for subsidy in the energy charge of a 10 horsepower pump under Atal Krishi Jyoti Yojana. BJP had promised this in the elections.

Rampath and Krishna Path will be developed in MP.

Rs 1 thousand 81 crore proposed for the Culture Department. It is two and a half times the expenditure of the year 2023-24.

11 crore tourists arrived in Madhya Pradesh in the last financial year, which is a record.

PM Shri Heli and Air Tourism Service was started to make air facilities more accessible to famous tourist destinations.

Aviation infrastructure will also be expanded.

Provision of Rs 666 crore is proposed for tourist facilities, which is Rs 100 crore more than the year 2023-24.

Provision of Rs 600 crore is proposed under the Sambal Yojana in the budget of the year 2024-25.

Revenue Maha Abhiyan dashboard will be created for monitoring cases daily at the state, district, tehsil level.

Rs 22600 cr for education

Finance Minister Jagdish Deora said that the state government has made a provision of about 22 thousand 600 crores for education. At the same time, provision of 21 thousand 144 crores has been made for health and 586 crores for sports players. The government has made a provision of 50 crores for Tirtha Darshan Yojana, 4 thousand 725 crores for forest and environment.

Preparation for Simhastha in Mohan govt's budget

State government has ramped up preparations for Simhastha. The Finance Minister announced plans to upgrade all roads leading to Ujjain for Simhastha to either 4 lanes or 8 lanes. Additionally, approximately 19,000 crores have been allocated for energy initiatives in the state, while 13,596 crores have been earmarked for irrigation projects. Funding provisions are also in place for the Ken Betwa Link Project and Parvati Chambal Project.

In a move to support millet cultivation, a Shri Ann Anusandhan Kendra will be established in the tribal-dominated Dindori district. Furthermore, a budget of 150 crores has been set aside to provide bonuses to milk producers in the state.

2024-2025 will be Gauvansh Raksha Varsh

The Dr. Mohan Government has declared the financial years 2024 and 2025 as Gauvansh Raksha Year. During his budget speech, Finance Minister Jagdish Deorda announced a three-fold increase in the budget for Gauvansh (cows and bovine), along with an allocation of Rs 250 crore. Additionally, Rs 150 crore has been set aside in the budget for the milk production schemes. The government has allocated Rs 250 crore for gaushalas (cow shelters), while approximately Rs 1,081 crore has been earmarked for the Culture Department and over Rs 4,000 crore for the Industry Department.

Electric buses will run in 6 cities of Madhya Pradesh

Dr. Mohan Government of Madhya Pradesh has given priority to Swachh Bharat Mission. The Finance Minister said that a provision of Rs 500 crore has been made for this. At the same time, a budget provision of about Rs 300 crore has been made for the irrigation projects of the state. Along with this, electric buses will be run in half a dozen cities of the state under the PM E Bus Scheme. These cities include the capital Bhopal along with the commercial capital Indore, Gwalior, Jabalpur, Ujjain and Sagar.

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