3 Jul 2024

Hathras Satsang Stampede: Distraught kin of missing persons making rounds of mishap site, hospitals

Death toll in the stampede at a satsang event near Sikandrarao town in Hathras district of Uttar Pradesh has risen to 122. Many people are still missing.

Family members of those who had come for the satsang are searching for their loved ones in the hospital and at the site of the incident. They are trying to confirm whether they are alive or not.

One such woman is Urmila Devi who is searching for her daughter-in-law in Etah's hospitals. She told that she has made several rounds of the pandal but no one is able to find out where her daughter-in-law is.

Talking about the accident to media, she says, "Baba left, triggering a stampede in his wake. Those who got separated in the chaos could not be located. I searched for my 16-year-old daughter-in-law at the pandal multiple times, but she seemed to have vanished without a trace. The uncertainty of how many casualties there were weighs heavily on us. Despite my relentless efforts, I couldn't find any sign of her."

Distraught Urmila says further, "We rushed to the hospital upon hearing there was a girl, only to discover she wasn't our daughter-in-law. The overwhelming crowd made movement difficult, leading to pushing and shoving. Unfortunately, those who fell were unable to rise again in the commotion. Feeling blamed and facing anger at home for not returning with our daughter-in-law, I remain stranded here, torn between fear and shame, unsure of where else to turn for answers."

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