9 Jul 2024

Indian community warmly welcomes PM Modi in Moscow; PM highlights India's role in a multipolar world

During his two-day visit to Russia, Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the Indian diaspora in Moscow on Tuesday, reaffirming his commitment to India's economic progress.

Modi emphasized that India is now recognized as a robust pillar in the emerging multipolar world order. He highlighted that when India speaks of peace, dialogue, and diplomacy, the world pays attention.

On India-Russia relations, Modi noted significant advancements, particularly with the Chennai-Vladivostok Eastern Maritime Corridor. He mentioned ongoing collaborative efforts through initiatives like the India-Russia Ganga-Volga Dialogue of Civilizations, which are strengthening the understanding between the two nations.

PM Modi said that they are discovering each other through Ganga-Volga dialogue.

Modi recalled his visit to Russia in 2015 and said that he had then said that the 21st century would be a witness to India’s success and development. Today, the whole world believes the same and it is witnessing India’s growth.

Modi proudly spoke of India's achievements, stating, "Today's India accomplishes whatever goals it sets. It is the country that successfully launched Chandrayaan to the moon, where no other nation has ventured. It is providing the world with the most reliable model of digital transactions and implementing the best policies in the social sector."

Addressing a wide range of topics, PM Modi spoke about India's progress in various sectors, economic development, the expansion of startups, and the recent victory and confidence of the Indian cricket team in the T20 World Cup. He engaged the audience with the question, "Are you feeling proud or not?"

During his visit, PM Modi will participate in the 22nd Russia-India Annual Summit, where he is scheduled to hold bilateral talks with President Vladimir Putin. A critical topic on the agenda is the potential withdrawal of Indian soldiers from the Ukraine conflict, signaling a possible shift in India's involvement.

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