9 Jul 2024

PM Modi's Warm Welcome in Moscow: A pivotal moment in Indo-Russian relations

Prime Minister Narendra Modi arrived in Moscow on Monday for a two-day visit, marking his first trip to Russia since the onset of the Russia-Ukraine war and his first foreign visit since being re-elected for an unprecedented third term in June. This significant visit underscores the importance of Indo-Russian relations and the personal camaraderie between Modi and Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Personal Gestures and Warmth

The first day of Modi's visit was characterized by warmth, smiles, and personal gestures that highlighted the strong bond between the two leaders. After engaging with the Indian community at his hotel, Modi proceeded to Putin’s official residence at Novo-Ogaryovo for what was described as a "private engagement."

The interaction was marked by informal and personal moments. The two leaders enjoyed tea on a terrace, took a ride together in a golf cart, visited stables, and later shared a dinner hosted by Putin. Modi expressed his joy at visiting and thanked Putin for the warm reception, saying, "It is a moment of joy to be here and I thank you for planning this evening chat."

Symbolic Significance

Geopolitical analysts observed that Putin's decision to host Modi at his personal residence reflects the high importance he places on this visit. It is also seen as a testament to the deep personal rapport between Modi and Putin. The leaders shared a warm hug and a firm handshake, symbols of their mutual respect and friendship.

Mutual Praise and Recognition

During the visit, Putin lauded Modi for his dedication to public service and his achievements for India. He congratulated Modi on his third term as Prime Minister, stating, "This is not an accident, but the result of your work over many years." 

Putin acknowledged Modi's energy and ability to achieve significant results for India, highlighting the country's rise as the world's third-largest economy. "You have your own ideas. You are a very energetic person, able to achieve results in the interests of India and the Indian people," Putin remarked. "The result is obvious."

PM pays tribute at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier 

Prime Minister Narendra Modi also paid tributes at the ‘Tomb of the Unknown Soldier’ in Moscow on Tuesday. He also laid a wreath at the Tomb.

The ‘Tomb of the Unknown Soldier’ is a war memorial located at the Kremlin wall, Moscow. It is dedicated to the Soviet soldiers who lost their lives during World War II.

Looking Ahead

As Modi’s visit continues, the second day promises to be equally busy and significant. The visit marks a pivotal moment in Indo-Russian relations, with both leaders poised to discuss critical issues and strengthen bilateral ties further.

Prime Minister Modi's visit to Moscow is a testament to the enduring and evolving relationship between India and Russia, built on a foundation of mutual respect, personal camaraderie, and strategic partnership.

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