11 Jul 2024

Monsoon 2024: Below normal rainfall hits farmers in Chhattisgarh, what IMD has predicted?

Farmers in Chhattisgarh had high hopes for the monsoon this year, as it arrived earlier than expected, promising good rains. However, the monsoon season has begun to falter, leaving many farmers in a dire situation. 

Chhattisgarh has received 31 percent less rainfall than usual so far, with Surguja and Bemetara districts facing severe drought conditions, having received only about 30 percent of their normal rainfall. 

Additionally, 18 other districts have experienced below-normal rainfall, while only 13 districts are currently faring well.

Farming activities hit

This lack of rain has significantly impacted farming activities in the affected areas. Fields are beginning to crack, and agricultural experts warn that the situation could worsen if substantial rain does not arrive soon.

Glimmer of hope

The Meteorological Department has provided a glimmer of hope, forecasting an increase in rainfall activity in Chhattisgarh from July 11, with heavy rain expected in one or two locations. On Thursday, light to moderate rainfall is likely in many parts of the state, and there is also a chance of thunderstorms and heavy rain in isolated areas.

Farmers and agricultural stakeholders eagerly await this predicted rain, hoping it will alleviate the growing drought conditions and bring much-needed relief to the parched fields of Raipur and its surrounding districts.

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