21 Sep 2019

Schedule Of PM Modi On US Visit

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September 21: Prime Minister Modi will arrive at George Bush International Airport Houston at 11:05 am (local time -12: 35 PM) Indian time.

September 22: PM will meet the CEO of the oil companies at Hotel Post Oak at 4:30 am (local time -6: 00 PM Indian time).

- Will meet with PIO and NRI at 6:00 am (local time-7: 35 PM) as per Indian time.

September 23: Modi will address the climate summit.

-The leader will meet many leaders from all over the world on the issue of terrorism.

- Meeting with representatives of the American Congress.

September 24: Will take part in luncheon from UNSG.

- To participate in the program on the 150th anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi. Will start 3 things in the program.

- Gates Foundation will be awarded the Global Goalkeeper Award.

- Meeting with the CEO of Bloomberg.

25 September: Will attend CARICOM meeting. It is possible to meet 20 leaders including Donald Trump.

27 September: UNGA will address the session.

Regarding meeting of  PM Modi in NRG Stadium preparations are on full swing.  There is a seating arrangement for thousands of people in the stadium of America where Prime Minister Narendra Modi will address the people. Here the preparations for the program are going on in full swing, a big stage has been made, from where the PM will address. A cultural program will also be organized here before Narendra Modi's speech. Let me tell you that not only Donald Trump but many US lawmakers will join here.

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