1 Oct 2019

Nepal Parliament Speaker Resigned On Charges Of Rape

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Nepal Parliament Speaker has resigned on the charges by a woman staffer of raping her in federal parliament secretariat.  According to reports Speaker Krishna Bahadur Mahara has handed over his resignation to Deputy Speaker Shivamay Tumbahamphe.  According to Ex Speaker he had handed over this resignation to allow a fair investigation over the allegations.  

According to confirmed sources the woman claimed that she has known Mr. Mahara for a long time and before also he has behaved in a much inebriated manner.  

The speaker visited her on the night of September 23 when she was alone in her rented apartment.  He came and tried to enter her home, he behaved in an inebriated manner and forced himself and entered her home and when she tried to stop him he abused her.  

According to sources Narayan Kaji said that the secretariat meeting decided Mr. Mahara should step down to felicitate the investigation against him.

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